The ACT Difference – ACT’s Unique Oxygenation System

Trusted and Used Worldwide

There’s a reason that ACT is the world leader in oxygen control systems. ACT’s proprietary technologies simulate low altitude for your mountain home. Our system meets necessary industry standards. Contracts with the U.S military funded the perfection of ACT’s system. ACT systems are used by thousands of people across the world.


ACT’s system brings your environment 7,000 feet lower in your home. Unlike some oxygenation systems that add small amounts of oxygen, ACT copious oxygen flow and control technologies are effective in eliminating altitude sickness and related insomnia.

Proprietary Technology

ACT’s exclusive technology is the product of 24 years of research and development. ACT engineers developed the first normobaric (normal pressure) altitude simulation system in the mid 1990s. Since then ACT has advanced the technology in every year. See our technology.

Selected by the US Government

ACT was chosen by the U.S. Federal Government for altitude simulation after a nationwide competition. ACT is the only company approved by the Federal Government as a sole source supplier for all its altitude simulation applications, including pilot training, and medical research. ACT’s systems have been selected by the FAA, U.S. Air Force, US Navy, U.S. Army, and Federal Research Labs.

24 Years and Counting

ACT’s leading technology make everyday life more comfortable in your home.  We are here to help you enjoy your mountain experience.